Cholsey Quarry Construction


Client: Grundon Sand & Gravel Limited

Project Value: £812,000

Design and Build civils works for new sand & gravel quarry for Grundon Sand & Gravel Ltd in Wallingford, Oxfordshire.

Project Description

The site was an agriculture field, “greenfield site”. Duo Operations appointed Principal Contractor. The scope of works included:

  • Site Entrance Road onto A4130 (S278) – CBM with Binder & HRA Surface; Installation of Rd drainage & gullies; lowered Virgin media ducting; site clearance for site lines; Kerbing; Rd signage; Fencing with double leaf 4m black powder coated galvanised entrance gates;
  • Wash Plant Foundations & Ramps – Profile site to required levels achieving required 15% CBR; 1200m2 of Reinforced concrete slab with 0.5m thick foundation for Sludge holding & clarifier tanks using waterproof concrete; Installation of ducting & foul water system for welfare cabin.
    Internal Access Rd – Construction of 900m of 7m wide internal stone access Rd with v-ditch drainage on one side.
  • Weighbridge Installation & Foundations – construction of 2no reinforced concrete weighbridge foundations; supply & install 2no 15m long 60t weighbridges;
  • Weighbridge Office Foundations & Service Connections – Construction of reinforced concrete foundation for weighbridge office; Installation of separate foul water treatment system for weighbridge office. Install galvanised walkways & bollards.
  • Hardstanding car park & Quarry Compound – Construction of secure hardcore compound with reinforced concrete refuelling pad & petrol interceptor; concrete pad for stores; 2m high palisade fencing with double leaf gate & pedestrian access gate;
  • The compound, carpark & Entrance Rd had 22no LED street lighting lamps, on 18no x 8m high poles. Duo Operations provided Lighting Survey as per Planning requirements;
  • Installation of services: Laid 600m of 110m HDPE watermain; 1km of 50mm Watermain; 1200m of trenching and backfilling for HV cable; 600m of BT & Commns Ducting with associated chambers; Drainage soak away; Installation of transformer & distribution concrete slabs for mini substation including perimeter palisade fencing.
  • Installation of reinforced concrete slab for future wheel wash; Installation of site signage & line painting
  • Topsoil stripping of circa 24,000m2, forming noise & visual bunds; Bulk Earthworks cut to fill 10,000m3 to construct lagoon;
  • Site access required a bog-mat road to facilitate access during very inclement wet period; The site was also dissected with a 450mm high pressure gas main which was fenced off to provide a single crossing point until diversion was completed by SGN