Manufacture & Installation

We provide the complete package, from initial design to manufacture, installation and full project support.

With over 35 years’ experience in designing and manufacturing products for the materials handling and waste recycling industries, we offer customised high quality design solutions unique to your needs.

Duo’s Manufacturing Division incorporates the maximum amount of operating efficiency combined with low-level maintenance requirements. Above all we strive to adhere to the highest levels of safety.

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Duo Electrical

With our in-house team of experts, we can provide you with a complete turnkey solution, encompassing the comprehensive mechanical and electrical design, installation, unique software packages, testing, certification and can also minimise wear and tear on motors.

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Turnkey projects

Regardless the size of your engineering project Duo’s Manufacturing division offers a complete package solution. We provide design, fabrication, assembly and installation for the entire project including full support for the life of the plant.

Specialising in material handling systems, including aggregate and waste, Duo will accommodate even the more unusual requests. Some of our more diverse recent projects have included the construction of large food filter presses and glass recycling systems.

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Waste sorting projects

Purpose built equipment to suit your specific waste processing and site requirements.
Maximise site potential by efficient use of available and valuable working areas, storage space and vehicular movement areas.

Screening fines and soil using heavy-duty trommels fitted with punch plates or woven wire panels. Removing paper, plastics and light materials using blower systems. Manually pick wood, cardboard, metals and plastics using picking belts. Automatically removing ferrous metals using overband magnets.

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Air waste separators

A responsible attitude to the environment is becoming increasingly important. This is reflected in the high cost for the disposal of construction and demolition waste. The Air Waste Separator enables you to recycle up to 99% of your construction and demolition waste to be used as high grade recycled materials.

The Air Waste Separator is mounted over a vibrating screen, where it separates the waste according to the ratio of surface to weight. The materials that need to be separated can be adjusted. For example, in the recycling process wood, plastic, textile, paper and insulation material can be separated.

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Mobile picking belts

Duo’s in house manufactured mobile picking belts have comprehensive mobility features for highway movement or more simple features for site movement. Robustness, reliability, and simplicity are key factors in the design of our picking belts and the basis of all Duo designs.

A large feed hopper, low friction impact bars, inclined conveyor section with high sided steel skirts, a horizontal picking platform with optional canvas cover and a 2.6m clearance height, all mounted on a substantial structural steel framework. Self contained Kubota low noise powerpack providing hydraulic variable speed drive and hydraulically adjustable front legs.

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Separator Screens

Ruggedly constructed using high quality British steel, the screens also utilize impact RQT steel plate in areas of probable wear to extend their life. The simplicity of the design eliminates conveyor belts and hoppers, reducing down-time and reducing the number of components that need replacing. Driven by a Deutz air-cooled diesel power pack, all working parts are hydraulic and easily accessible for maintenance.

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