Binnegar Quarry

Duo Processing

Duo Group improve sand processing at Binnegar Quarry.

A successful tender

With the project awarded to the English and Welsh dealer for Terex Washing Systems (TWS) industry leading specialist Duo Equipment (part of Duo Holdings Ltd) can offer innovative wash plants and water management solutions.

As material at Binnegar consists of predominantly differing qualities of sand with lignite present Duo based their plant design around the Terex® Aggresand™ 165 Modular Wash Plant and as there were quantities of lignite on-site a single TAK Lignite Hydro Classifier was included to remove the lignite element from the fines fraction. Additionally, to achieve a desired finer end product an AMP Compact Fines Sand Plant was included in the specification to achieve this.

Sharp Sand Processing

Capable of 150tph the plant is currently operating at 120tph; as-dug material is fed into the 12m³ remote control tipping grid which is then fed up an inclined feed conveyor onto the top deck of the 4.9 x 1.5m Double-Deck Rinsing Screen. Fixed at an 18º working angle the top deck acts as a relieving screen to keep the pressure off the bottom deck. With none of the gravel fraction being sold, oversize (+20mm) is fed onto a side conveyor to stockpile. The main product, sand then falls through the bottom deck which is then pumped up to the twin hydro cyclones of the sharp sand plant. Consisting of a high-energy 3.7m x 1.5m dewatering screen and one 200/150 pump for sharp sand the specification is completed with one 750mm AMP conical bottom hydro cyclone hydro vortex. A second unit a 750mm AMP flat bottom hydro cyclone hydro vortex enables an alternative blending process which eliminates any overloading on the AMP Fines Sand Plant and cuts the sand higher up the grade.

A specially designed rubber-lined underflow box allows a single concrete sand fed via separate conveyors to stockpile. All screen media (polyurethane modules) was supplied by Tema Isenmann.

Lignite Plant

Situated above the lignite removal plant the hydro cyclones then remove the ultra-fine particles, taking them from the top and feeding a concentration of sand into the TAK. When the sand settles in the TAK a clean water upstream current is introduced from the bottom and then by moving the set point, up or down you can then control precisely what the grading is at the bottom end of the sand and how much you float off.

AMP Compact Fines Sand Plant

The plant at Binnegar also incorporates an AMP Compact Fines Sand Plant to provide the desired finer end product. The plant consists of three main modular components – a pump set, twin hydra cone assembly and a dewatering screen.

At Binnegar water is recirculated through 3 lagoons. Everything is sent back up to the plant from the main silt lagoon which weirs over into a polishing pond and subsequently over into the fresh water pond.

Cutting Edge Control System

The control system for the Binnegar AggreSand™ wash plant is stored in a centralized cabin on the site which is one of the options offered by Duo through TWS on all AggreSand™ installations. Alternatively, the panel can be mounted onto the machine, all of which are pre-wired. This option exemplifies the flexibility of TWS and Duo and the AggreSand™ concept to suit individual customer needs or preferences.

Successful project

Simon Pinto – QM, commented, “Duo did very well with the plant build, we had a very small tight time frame and as soon as our local contractors had laid the civils the plant was delivered and erected very quickly. Apart from a few minor tweaks we were processing in a very short time.

“We were extremely pleased with their professional approach, work ethics and H&S, we really couldn’t fault them at all. The fitters were brilliant, very helpful and friendly and paid great attention to detail. A stress-free project from start to finish with the plant processing as required.”
Simon, continued, “We supply to concrete plants and we have been selling a lot of washed animal bedding sand to local farmers.”

Binnegar now supplies a range of five quarry products including a building sand BS EN 13139, an asphalt sand BS EN 13043, a 0-2mm washed sharp sand BS EN 12620, a washed animal bedding sand and an as-dug sand.

Binnegar Quarry, part of RBQPL is the latest project where investment in new technology is providing them with the means to provide sustainable and essential materials for construction and the built environment in Dorset and the surrounding areas.