Motorway Improvements, Glasgow


Client: Transport Scotland

Project Value: £35m

Construction of 9km of new motorway; 12km of motorway widening on both sides; 7km of new local access roads.

Site Clearance & Topsoil Strip

Site Clearance & Topsoil Strip of 80 hectares including removal of evasive plant species to designated onsite disposal locations through FLJV and SEPA approvals;

Bulk Earthworks

Bulk Earthworks of 5.5 million m3 of excavation including excavate & replace 200,000m3 of peat up-to 6m deep; Placed 3.5 million m3 of Fill, with remaining material placed in landscape bunds. Circa 500,000m3 of unacceptable material processed with Lime to meet MCV specification utilising inhouse stabilisation resources. Motorway widening included 4km of soil-nail staged excavation up to 7m high (max 2m stages);

Structures Excavation

Structures Excavation included foundations for 12 new bridges; 160,000m3 Raith Interchange Underpass, requiring staged excavation up to 13m deep with restrictive access coordinating with piling, ground anchors, & ground water lowering; Scope included all 6N and acceptable backfill to str uctures; Raith Interchange located in a designated Flood Zone;


Topsoilling of all verges, embankments and landscape areas;


Responsibility for exposing and pro tecting all services encountered within the excavation footprint which included Fibre Optic & Low Voltage cable along 12km Motorway widening works

Placing capping & Subbase

Placing capping & Subbase Type 1 to meet both required tolerances of average zero and to meet the surfacing programme of 305,000m2 of formation; Project had 3 full time surfacing teams working both day & night. Coordinating completion works with cold milling & kerbing subcontractors;

Drainage & Ducting

Drainage & Ducting included excavation of permanent & temporary attenuation ponds; 1.1km of 900mm precast concrete culvert ranging between 3-6m deep along motorway verge & under bridges; 9km of filter & carrier drainage, pipe sizes between 225-450mm twin wall; 9km of 4-way motorway communication ducting & chambers;

The bespoke re-measurable subcontract included all Plant, Labour & supervision; earthworks management (mass haul & programme management); setting-out of earthworks activities; weather and material suitability risk. Works required close coordination with Traffic management switches and significant works during nights and off-peak times.