Complete Utilities, Gloucestershire

Duo Processing

The plant runs to process feed material, achieving the high standard of product that is fundamental to Complete Utilities’ business

Project requirements

Complete Utilities required a washing and water treatment solution at a plant supported by a sludge tank, clarified water tank and a thickener system. Duo was asked to devise a system that would effectively process utilities spoil before it is used for backfill. The site of the installation presented both height and space restrictions due to the area available.

Material source

Excavation and trenching waste from the utilities industries.

Project success

Complete Utilities now operates exactly as its initial brief to Duo intended.

The plant now runs to process feed material, achieving the high standard of product that is fundamental to Complete Utilities’ business – as both the producers and end-users of the washed aggregates.

So successful has the installation been, that Complete Utilities is looking to replicate the plant supplied by Duo at additional locations in the future; evidencing the performance of the Aggwash in washing the material and Duo’s Mobile Water Treatment Plant in processing the slurry.

Commenting on the project, Complete Utilities’ Managing Director, Steve Chaplin said: “Working with Duo is a very pleasant experience. They do as they say, and I’d recommend the company to anybody.”

Equipment installed

Powerscreen Commander 1400 Feeder, Powerscreen Aggwash, Duo Mobile Water Treatment System (inc. centrifuge, clarified water tank, sludge tank and low-level thickener).

Duo's Solution

The design concept involved the installation of a Commander 1400 to feed waste generated through Complete Utilities’ excavation and trenching services to the Powerscreen Aggwash. Capable of providing multiple processing functions on a single chassis, the Aggwash was ideal considering the space restrictions and could also remove ferrous metals from the feed material, before rinsing, screening and scrubbing the processed materials to produce four grades of aggregate and a single grade of sand.

With washing-process slurry pumped to Duo’s mobile water treatment solution, the need for silt and water to be dispatched to a lagoon was eliminated; and being a closed circuit system, the Aggwash produced a manageable end product, with low moisture content – making it workable for blending, suitable for transport, and accepted by landfill and tipping sites.