Exceptional sand and gravel processing for Mick George Ltd

30 January 2018

Mick George Ltd has grown to become one of the leading suppliers to the construction industry in East Anglia and the East Midlands with a commercial fleet size of 400+ HGV vehicles. Specialising in bulk excavation, demolition & earthmoving services, ready mixed concrete, a wide range of skip hire and waste management services, commercial waste service and aggregate supply are driven by an extensive network of operating sites.

Strategically located across their operating region these 30+ sites include sand and gravel sites in East Anglia and Cambridgeshire, hard rock limestone quarries, extraction sites, landfill, transfer stations, concrete batching plants, state-of-the-art recycling centres and soil washing facilities.

Recently the company has added to its portfolio with the addition of a new sand and gravel operation at Bridge Farm near Chatteris, in the fenland district of Cambridgeshire where an irrigation reservoir will be constructed. This new plant will supply sand and gravel to Mick George Concrete Plant.

Although the area has been quarried before, the new Bridge Farm site was a greenfield site containing deposits of sand and gravel to an average depth of 6 metres, with an estimated reserve of 780,000 tons.

After researching the market for a wash plant and following site visits and consultation the Mick George Ltd team selected a low-level Terex Wash Plant based on an Aggwash 60 which has been supplied by the English and Welsh dealer for Terex Washing Systems (TWS) – Duo (Europe) Plc. As an industry leading supplier of innovative wash plants Duo have an outstanding pedigree in the marketplace for innovative solutions, customer support and expertise in the field to meet customers’ individual needs.

Having their plant specification in place the site was then prepared, and lagoons created with the plant installed, commissioned and in operation by July 2017.

The sand and gravel plant:
The award-winning Terex® Aggwash™ 60 is a new modular wash plant that brings together for the first time, rinsing, screening, scrubbing and sand washing capabilities on a single transportable chassis. Primarily designed for the processing of construction and demolition waste but equally suited to virgin material applications; the Aggwash™ 60 can produce four grades of aggregate and up to two grades of sand.

Capable of operating at 60tph the Terex®Aggwash™ 60, 2-deck modular wash plant is fed with ‘as dug’ material via a 6m³ hopper feeder. This material is then conveyed onto the 8 x 4 single deck rinsing screen which is fitted with a half-deck impact protection deck to wash the oversize and sand, with all +40 oversize being fed via a chute to stockpile which is then utilised for restoration projects. A split bottom deck, 2mm and 5mm provides the feed to produce the require sand.

The Bridge Farm AggreWash™ 60 consists of a Linatex 100/100 pump and a G4 375 cyclone to produce a clean in-specification sand which is then delivered via integral conveyor and stockpiled.

Any remaining material then feeds into the twin shaft PowerScrub™ Logwasher where the material is scrubbed, with the clay and contaminants removed.

The PowerScrub™ Logwasher consists of a 6.5m angle adjustable hull fitted with twin rotating shafts fitted with 25mm abrasion resistant blades. The blades convey the material from the feed end of the scrub to the 8 x 4 double-deck rinsing/sizing screen which splits the required products of 10mm, 20mm and 40mm aggregate which are then stockpiled via integral conveyors.

As the material travels through the hull the abrasive action of the aggregate as it collides with other aggregate (stone on stone) scrubs it clean and breaks up any clay conglomerates which are then floated off through the back of the PowerScrub™.

Any organics such as roots or plastics are also floated off to be dewatered over the PowerScrub™ 6 x 2 trash screen. Underflow from the trash screen is received in a catch box under the screen and then gravity fed to the sump tank under the hull.

Scrubbed aggregate exits the main discharge of the PowerScrub™ Logwasher onto a high-energy 8 x 4 part-rinsing sand screen which is capable of de-watering up to 70tph.

The initial section of this screen is fitted with spray bars to rinse off any sand or grit residues produced during scrubbing. The rinsed grit is captured in a partial catch box under the screen and is piped to the sump tank below the hull to join the trash screen underflows. This sump tank is fitted with a 100/100 centrifugal pump which pumps this dirty water back to the AggWash™ 60 sand plant to recover any sand and make maximum use of internal water. Sand is then delivered by conveyor to stockpile.

Simon Bateman – QM, commented, “This is the first plant we have purchased from Duo and since we commenced operations back in July 2017 it has worked very well. Currently we are feeding the plant with a clean material which we are processing at 80tph with the cyclone doing a great job producing sand which is 13% dry straight off the conveyor, overnight dropping to 8% and after a week 6.9%.

John McGlinn – Sales Manager Duo, added, “The Terex® Aggwash 60 is an ideal plant for Mick George Ltd offering a fully modular, pre-wired and pre-plumbed electric powered wash plant that will fit in a relatively small footprint. It offers a quick set-up time and can easily be moved to any of Mick George Ltd’s sites as required. With its heavy-duty robust build, it is ideal for rugged operating environments and offers an environmentally friendly operation with zero exhaust emissions.”

Simon continued, “We are working 5 days a week and achieving approximately 800 tons per day; since July we have processed 75,000 tons of very saleable material with no quality issues whatsoever.”

Total Solutions:
TWS provides cohesive solutions for all material and mineral washing needs through their English and Welsh dealer – Duo. Focussing solely on providing solutions to quarry, aggregate, mining and C&D recycling industries it is dedicated in providing reliable, high quality and very productive equipment. This is achieved through a broad product portfolio which offers modular, mobile and static wash plants with the ability to work in many applications. Meeting individual materials and mineral washing needs to achieve today’s stringent specifications of clean material is at the top of the agenda.

The TWS portfolio offers excellent reliability, ease of transport and fast onsite installation, which are key features of the innovative washing solutions – the AggreSand™ and AggreScrub™ Range.